Trimble® Siteworks Machine Guidance Module

One system, many applications

Introducing the new Trimble Siteworks Machine Guidance Module,. Extending the capabilities of Trimble Siteworks Software from surveying and layout to support on-machine excavator guidance and operator assistance, you can use the same rugged Site Positioning Systems hardware and software to perform a variety of tasks on the job site, including surveying, machine guidance, in-field design and reporting.

A versatile, low-cost solution for machine guidance and layout


Siteworks Machine Guidance is portable and easy to use, giving local contractors an accessible entry-point into construction surveying and machine guidance. Anyone with a compatible Trimble Siteworks Site Positioning System can begin using it on-machine quickly and easily with just the addition of a machine kit and a software module licence.

Measure, design and build with a single system featuring Trimble’s industry-leading rugged hardware— built to be moved between multiple excavators and job sites. A Trimble R780 GNSS Smart Antenna with tilt compensation, a machine kit and any data collector that supports Trimble Siteworks is all the hardware you need.

Do more with this all-in-one tool that delivers site position, machine guidance, in-field design and reporting. Now you can build jobs and check grade with the same system, eliminate the need for a surveyor and keep your in-field work in the field.

Increased efficiency on and off machine

Manage your site from the field, not the office. Get all the benefits of Sitewroks with the portability to take the system on and off machine for multiple applications. Use it as a rover to measure up projects and create in- signs, then hook it up to your machine to carry out the work - building exactly to design. Go from grade checking and layout to machine operation and back again, moving between sites and machines for a system that is always fully utilised.

Machine guidance

Eliminate the guesswork and reworl, and get to grade the first time.Simply attache the GNSS smart antenna to the mahcine, enabke the modulke and start digging.


Capture accurate points on and off machine. Carry out as-buily measurements and grade checks from within your cab. Work more eficiently than ever with fewer personnel, less fatigue and less training.


Connected construction

Stay connected, wherever your work takes you. Simply add a SIM card into the data collector to send designs between the pffice and field, access remote support and keep projects moving forward while you are on the move.

Build to the same design across your fleet, create in-field designs and updates on the fly and export them from Siteworks to Trimble WorksManager Software to use in machines on site equipped with Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform.






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