Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform

Machine Control Redefined

By putting design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab, the system gives operators unprecedented control over excavating, grading and compaction applications, significantly reducing material overages and dramatically improving productivity and profitability. The 3D systems can be operated from manual to automatics mode and leverage a range of components that are fully portable and can be easily moved from machine to machine.

It is designed to help you do more in less time

State-of-the-art software and hardware give operators of all skill levels the ability to work faster and more productively than ever before. Suitable for a large choice of machine brands and models, Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform is flexible enough to let you equip most of your fleet - excavators, dozers, graders, compact machines and soil compactors with fully upgradeable technology. Start where you need to start and add as you need to add. Select the best option for the machine and application!

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Earthworks for Excavators Earthworks for Excavators

For Excavators

Our aftermarket semi-automatic bucket and boom control system gives your operation many competitive advantages so you can finish on-time and on-budget.

View 3D models in a real-world environment at a true-life scale, in the context of existing surroundings.

Trimble Earthworks works with tilt automatics on engcon®, Rototilt®, and Steelwrist® attachments.

Accurate payload data is displayed on yourscreen and increases your mass haul productivity and efficiency by preventing underloading, and improving safety by avoiding overloading.

Earthworks for Dozers Earthworks for Dozers

For Dozers

Trimble Earthworks offers dozer operators the flexibility to choose between cab-mounted portability and the blade mount configurations for the supported models.

Horizontal Steering Control allows the operator to focus on the grade, machine productivity and safety rather than worrying about steering, which reduces operator fatigue and errors. It enables the machine to follow the horizontal guidance from the 3D model, providing operators increased awareness of their surroundings, better accuracy and improved productivity with decreased overlap and fewer passes.

Earthworks for Motor Graders Earthworks for Motor Graders

For Motor Graders

Trimble Earthworks for motor graders helps operators of all levels leave a quality surface. This next generation system with a familiar Android UI, and user-friendly 10-inch touch screen cuts the learning curve, improves operator capabilities, and gives you a first-pass finish that’s second to none.

A mastless GNSS configuration is available for supported Cat® motor grader models - one GNSS receiver is mounted on the cab and the second GNSS on the gooseneck of the machine to eliminate masts and cables traditionally located on the blade. It is ideal for applications to enable the blade’s maximum range of motion such as steep slope work and complex designs that need to be built to tight tolerances.

Earthworks for Compact Machines Earthworks for Compact Machines

For Compact Machines

Trimble Earthworks is also available for compact grading attachments with Single/Dual GNSS, Single/Dual Laser, Single/Dual Sonic and Total Station guidance options.
A tailored 3D solution for applications such as site projects where full size grading machines are unable to operate in the confined environment or for the contractor looking to expand opportunities for 3D machine control jobs.
The operator UI remains consistent with larger machines.

Earthworks for Soil Compactors Earthworks for Soil Compactors

For Soil Compactors

Trimble Earthworks enables contractors to achieve compaction target faster, more accurately and with less rework.

  • Compact surface material to the desired compaction stiffness target and monitor site volumes simultaneously, in real time
  • Soil and sub-surface material compaction measurement for single smooth drum and pad foot rollers
  • Achieve increased durability, stability and load-bearing capacity
  • Optional horizontal steering on supported models for an operator assist feature to configure a specified drum overlap between passes for optimal compaction consistency and surface compaction efficiency. 
Integrates with:

Trimble WorksManager is a mobile-friendly software that easily manages data and technology assets across project sites. It allows you to transfer data files to or from the office wirelessly, automatically ensuring everyone is operating from the latest design. Trimble WorksOS monitors live earthmoving and compaction volume metrics, so you can see exactly how much work has been completed, and how much remains. Stay on schedule and work more efficiently with Trimble Software solutions, designed to make construction management easier on and off the job site.

The Trimble Earthworks Assistant App is a stand-alone app that consolidates and simplifies access to training guides and videos inside and outside of the cab. It makes it easy to learn and troubleshoot using an Android cell phone, even from remote sites. The user has access to critical Trimble Earthworks learning material and documentation, allowing for a shorter learning curve and less downtime for operators.


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